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Disease symptoms


Hoarseness is a condition in which a person cannot speak, that is, make any sounds. This mainly occurs with pathologies of the larynx. For example, hoarseness during a cold occurs because the vocal cords become inflamed. This process is caused by bacterial or viral infections - the vocal cords that are between the trachea and pharynx are responsible for the sound that a person is able to make.
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Specialties of doctors


Frequent vomiting and constant feeling of nausea is very unpleasant. Such symptoms can be observed in patients after chemotherapy, after surgery, during the first trimester of pregnancy, etc. The doctor-emetologist will help to cope with this uncomfortable symptoms with the help of medical drugs.
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Medical services

Removal of multiple scrotal atheromas

Atheroma is a skin neoplasm. Most often, it is formed as a result of the clogging of the excretory duct of the sebaceous glands in the hair sacs. The development of atheromas is very similar to the formation of cysts, which is caused by inflammatory processes in the skin or mechanical damage. What are multiple scrotal atheromas Most often, such a disease is diagnosed in male patients, since the sebaceous glands work directly depends on testosterone.
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AIDS treatment

Treatment of AIDS is a complex of therapeutic measures aimed at maintaining the lives of patients. So far, the fight against HIV infection and its terminal stage remains an unsolved task. But there are already drugs that can delay the onset of AIDS or even prevent it. Is it possible to cure? The fight against the immunodeficiency virus is one of the most difficult tasks, the solution of which has not yet been found.
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Emmental Cheese

Swiss cheeses are consistently in high demand among consumers from around the world. This is explained by the favorable environmental situation, which allows feeding animals for the subsequent production of milk only with organic food. This is where the excellent Emmental comes from, the traditions of which are made in ancient times.
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Mozzarella is a classic Italian soft pickled cheese. The first references in the literature to this type of cheese date back to the Renaissance. In 1570, mozzarella cheese as one of the ingredients was part of many dishes in the book of the then famous Italian chef Bartolomeo Scappi. The name of the cheese comes from the Italian word "mozzare", which means cutting: in the process of making this cheese there is a stage of cutting raw materials.
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